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    What is the Ivory Community?


    Surely you have seen that on our website we often talk about the “Ivory Community and Online Channels” and how these projects are helping us to provide real and effective solutions to professionals of dental, podiatric and veterinary sector, both doctors or clinic assistants  as well as the distributors of these products.

    What is the Ivory Community?

    We explain it with pleasure!

    The Company Ivory Mechanikkonzept was born with the idea of ​​providing real solutions to customers and help you to optimize your daily work. With this mission we have started several projects all oriented to share knowledge and to online training.

    With this idea we started our “Community”, that is a space in which we respond to the most common needs that professionals of dental, podiatric and veterinary sector communicate us.

    Your voice is important! That’s why we provide many ways to contact us such as chat, email, telephone, ticket system, a module of ratings and opinions etc. so that at any time you can send us your request and communicate your needs, problems you have to face every day, ask for advice or just to value our work.



    What do we do with the collected information?

    Once the information has been received, after replying you with a private response, we store it anonymously, simply to create a statistical record of the most common needs. With a frequency of every 3/6 months our training department operators analyze the requests and when possible we turn them into documents or training videos useful for you and for other users.

    That’s why your opinion is so important to us … it’s thanks to your opinions, observations, doubts, complaints, requests, etc. that we can grow together and help other professionals.

    The Community is our way to give “voice” to your needs helping  millions of professionals like you … we hope you will be encouraged to send us “any thought you can think of” 🙂 

    …And what are the Online Channels?

    The Online Channels are the tools that we have designed  to let you see all the videos and documents that we have prepared for you.

    There are different types of Channels  and you will only have access to those that fit your professional profile, which allows us to provide only the information you really need (and don’t bore you with the rest :-)) Let’s do some example :

    • Are you a Dentist or Dental Clinic Assistant? The “Community Channel” is what you need! In this Channel you can find many videos on how to optimize your work, avoid errors of lubrication of handpieces, marketing tips for clinics and much more
    • Would you like more information about us? Enter into the Presentation Channel and you can download our catalog, watch maintenance videos, learn about our products, our company and much more …
    • Or maybe you are the manager of a company that sells dental, veterinary or podiatry products? Then the “Retail Channel”, the “Technician Channel” and the “Agent Channel” are what you are looking for. From technical draws to videos on how to make repairs, these channels are the perfect ally for your employees and to save time and money in your company

    To access you just need to register on our website and we will give you access to the most useful channels for your professional profile.

    Our Channels are in continuous evolution, every year we create new material and share new knowledge; we hope you participate and above all that your work can also take benefit from our advice and avoid mistakes that other professionals like you have already had to face.

    See you soon

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