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    We are an International Smart Company, Manufacturer of dental handpieces “Made in Europe

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    The Ivory Mechanikkonzept was born thanks to the idea of a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in dental sector who, tired of facing high costs of management, training and infrastructure, decided to “make the dental world easier and more effective”.

    With this mission and with the aim of creating a business structure that could bring benefits to both Doctors or our Authorized Distributors, in 2015 we began the journey towards the construction of this new concept of “dental company“.



    So started 2 different project lines that pretend on the one hand the optimization of management costs and on the other an online training for all our clients in order to create the first International Community of the dental sector.

    In a few years and thanks to our team of engineers capable of creating an innovative and high quality product line, to the excellent international logistics system that allows us to easily reach any corner of the world, to our dynamic and youthful team, all the big businessmen, famous Marketing Consultants and the excellent professionals of Business Coaching and their continuous participation in the project, today the Ivory Mechanikkonzept is a solid, intelligent, effective, innovative company, with the ability to daily support the demands of its clients and always focused on transparency and customer service.

    A Smart Company that starts with the partial adoption of business system called “Liquid Business Formula”, that allows us to proudly manufacture dental handpieces with the quality “Made in Europe” and compatible with the most famous brands in the international market and strictly following the quality standards of the European Legislation CE 93/42  and that continues with the creation of a completely online management system so guaranteeing an extremely fast and automated service and very short response times.

    Our added value

    Training online

    To manufacture “Made in Europe” products to a very good price, was not enough for us and that is why, thinking about the needs of the Dentists, Podiatrists, Veterinarians, Resellers, etc. And thanks to some Marketing strategies based on a CRM philosophy, were born the Online Channels and the revolutionary Academy Ivory.

    Through some Online Training Channels (Channels Online) dedicated to Doctors, Managers, Technicians and Agents, Ivory provides free information on our company, services and products, as well as many useful videos for your day-to-day work.

    Starting from Marketing for dental clinics, to how to facilitate the maintenance of dental pieces to your assistants, from how to sell more to how to make repairs, on your dedicated Channels always online 24h, you will find all the information you need to be able to work in total autonomy optimising time and money.

    You will reduce your management times, the training time for new employees and if you are a reseller, even in training trips for your employees.

    Join us

    Joining the Ivory world you will also discover many other advantages and exclusive services dedicated to your professional figure, such as: Academy Online and free marketing courses for resellers or personalized assistance for doctors, free repairs, but… We do not want to bore you, we wish to see you soon in our Community.

    We Are already working with more than 15 countries and 3 continents and that is just because we firmly believe that “the future is built together” …if you also want the success you deserve…

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