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    IVORY S.R.L. respects the standards provided by the GDPR by updating the information to provide an easier reading and a better understanding of it.

    Information according to EU Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”)

    What the GDPR is?

    The GDPR is a European regulation made to reinforce and unify data protection for all subjects within the European Union. The GDPR requires a higher level of transparency on the methods of collection, storage, use and more in general on the processing of personal data and imposes stricter limits for its use.


    Our company is IVORY S.R.L., specialised in the manufacture of dental handpieces and we manage your data as holders of the treatment; This means that we are responsible for how your data are protected and managed in our company.

    In this information about privacy and cookies, you will find all the relevant information that refers to how we treat the personal data of clients and users, regardless of the channel or medium (online or in person) of IVORY S.R.L. that you use to communicate with us. We operate under maximum transparency regarding your personal data so that you are clear about the consequences arising from our use of your personal data and your rights over them.

    We put at your disposal all information indicating them in this information about privacy and about cookies always at your disposal so that you can consult it at any time.

    We describe below some terms used:

    • When we talk about “Site” we understand our website www.ivory-dent.com
    • When we speak of “Platform”, we refer to any channel or digital medium or in person, that you have used to communicate with us. The main ones are:
      • Our website;
      • Channels like email or phone;
      • In person, in our Italian commercial office or in congresses, fairs in Europe or outside the territory of the European Union;
      • Other websites owned by IVORY S.R.L.;
      • Distributors and resellers of products from IVORY S.R.L..
    • We will use your data (obtained online or in person) in addition to manage your user registration, purchase of products or services, to answer your questions and also, if you agree, to send personalised communications.
    • We use the collected data to improve your experience with us and through your prior consent, propose personalised offers, save you time and money and make your orders even faster.
    • In some cases the legal basis for the processing of your personal data lies in the obligations of law or the contract stipulated with us
    • We need to process your data in order to correctly execute the contract that we stipulate with you when registering on our website and when you buy one of our products or services.
    • Other legal bases of the treatment are, for example, answering your questions by email, telephone or chat or, among other things, the consent you can give us when accepting to receive our newsletters.
    • We share your data with service providers that help us fulfil the listed activities, which external collaborators with whom we have closed an agreement and who can have their headquarters in or out of the territory of the European Union.
    • You have the right to access, modify and delete your personal data at any time and to submit a claim to the Authority that Guarantees the respect and protection of your personal data, at any time.
    • You also have other rights, such as the right to oppose the use of your data or the right of portability, rights that we will explain in detail later.

    Please read carefully all the terms of our privacy and cookies policy described below to understand how we use your personal data and know what all your rights about that.


    The owner of the processing of your personal data is:

    IVORY S.R.L represented by his legal representative pro-tempore, with Head Quarter: Via Larga 7, 20122 Milan; REA MI-2070259. FISCAL CODE AND VAT Number: IT09125470964.

    We remind you that you can contact us at any time and send us any question or request about your personal data by writing an email to privacy@ivory-dent.com.


    When you use our services, you accept that our company collects some of your personal data.

    We treat 2 types of data:

    • Data indicated by the user
    • Data that we collect automatically

    3.1. Data indicated by the user

    Professionals and Private people (without your own company) of the industrial sector admitted.

    If you are a professional or a private that does not belong to one of the following sectors, any of your requests for registration and / or support will not be accepted and we will not proceed with the management of any of your data.

    The admitted users have to belong to one of the following professional areas:

    • Dental
    • Veterinary
    • Podiatry
    • Tattooists
    • Esthetic
    • Commercial (of the indicated areas)

    In any case, we do not assume any responsibility for possible false statements indicated by you. If we verify the existence of non-real statements, we will immediately proceed with the deletion of all your data.

    3.1.1. If you are a Professional

    If you are a professional, when you contact us using our Platform, we will ask you for some information: company name, VAT number, name of the owner and contact person, email, telephone number and other information such as the professional category and the address of the company.

    3.1.2. If you are a Private (without your own company)

    When you contact us using our Platform, we will ask you for some information depending on the type of private you indicate to be; as for ex: we will ask you for the university registration number, name and address of the university or school of which you are a student or company data you work for.

    If you are a private you cannot buy our products but you can use some of our services such as free training videos and support channels (chat, email, telephone, online support center, etc.)

    3.1.3. Data of people under 18

    If you are under 18 you cannot give us your personal information and you cannot sign up on our site. In any case, we do not assume any responsibility for possible false statements indicated by you. If we verify the existence of non-real statements, we will immediately proceed with the deletion of all your data

    3.2 Data that we collect automatically

    We collect the following information:

    • Technical data: for example the IP address, browser type; information about your device type and the current position (approximate) of the device you are using.
    • Data collected using cookies or similar technologies: for more information, we invite you to visit the “Cookies” menu.


    Depending on the products, services and / or functionalities that you want to use, we will need some data.

    In general, they will be the following data, depending on the specific case:

    • Identification data: (ex: name, surname, language, country, contact information)
    • Information of economic type and collaboration (ex: methods of payment used, information on your orders, returns, etc.)
    • Connection, location and navigation data (ex: The device used and from where)
    • Commercial information (ex: if you are subscribed to our newsletter)
    • Data on your preferences of products / services.

    Keep in mind that when we ask for your data, so that you can use a certain functionality of the Platform, some fields will be obligatory because they are indispensable to be able to offer you the desired service / functionality.

    It is therefore necessary data for the correct fulfilment of the obligations deriving from our contract with you or necessary to comply with the obligations of law or internal procedures.

    Failure to provide this information may lead to the impossibility of completing your user registration or the impossibility of receiving the desired services / products / functionalities.

    Depending on the services and / or products and / or functionalities that you require from our Platform, your personal data will be processed for the reasons indicated below.

    4.1. Management of your registration as a user of our Platform

    If you register as a user in our Platform, we need to manage your data in order to identify you and authorise you to access our online and offline services.

    You can cancel your registration by contacting our customer service.

    We can guarantee you access to our services; among them:

    • Allow the user to register through our Platform by creating a file and thus be able to access the services dedicated to registered users such as the possibility of purchasing through our website and / or exercising the right of withdrawal online;
    • Allow the user to access the Site and navigate the site as a registered user;
    • Maintain and manage the client file;
    • Memorise in the user’s profile data and information such as profile data, the history of orders and returns, shipping and billing addresses, the given consents on the processing of personal data and on marketing and profiling communications;
    • Allow the user to add the products to the cart and complete the online order;
    • Allow the user to make the online payment with the preferred payment method.
    • Send the products purchased online and thus be able to execute the contract established when buying on our site;
    • To be able to use the option “Reserve the product, search engine, contact us, we will call you for free, etc.”;
    • Use of the “Ask for budget”, “Search”, “Contact us” functionality;
    • Carry out the necessary communications to be able to deliver the service;
    • Contact Customer Care also through online chat;
    • Administrative, financial or accounting activities such as those related to purchases made and recovery of credits;
    • Allow the conclusion of the contract established with any order placed on our site or any other digital means and not of our Platform and its correct execution such as delivery, payment, shipping documents;
    • Be able to manage any of your communications with us.

    4.2. Compliance and execution of the sales or service contract stipulated with us through our Platform

    For this purpose we need to manage your data for the reasons indicated below:

    • Contact you to communicate new information about our functionalities, services, products;
    • Manage the payment of the products you have purchased regardless of the chosen payment method;
    • For purchases made in person, we need to process your data in order to activate the payment and the consequent documents necessary to fulfil your request and give you the products;
    • Activate the security protocols in order to control and avoid possible deception that may harm you or us during the payment transaction. If we consider that there may be some strange element, we reserve the right to block operation;
    • Manage returns and communications;
    • Manage billing.

    4.3. Communications with us

    We treat only the data necessary for your request.

    4.4. Promotional and profiling communications (marketing)

    This type of communication foresees the treatment of your data as indicated below:

    • If you subscribe to our newsletter and give your consent for communications of marketing and profiling, we will treat your data to manage your subscription to our newsletters and send you personalised information about our products and services using various channels of communication (email, SMS) and push notifications if you activate this service on your mobile. Keep in mind that this involves the analysis of your user profile to determine your preferences and send only the communications that best suit you. For example, analysing the history of your orders and navigation on our site, we will propose you products that we think might interest you;
    • You can cancel at any time the subscription to our newsletters without any cost in the menu “My profile” of our Site, contacting our customer service, privacy department at email privacy@ivory-dent.com or through the “unsubscribe link” that you find in all our commercial communications. To stop receiving push notifications, you can disable this functionality on your mobile;
    • For the realisation of promotions such as sweepstakes or other promotions we could send to your email the products stored in your wish list.
    • To make publicly or share images on social networks, always with your consent.
    • In addition, sometimes we conduct quality surveys to know your level of satisfaction in order to constantly improve our services/products;
    • We also carry out analysis activities connected to commercial communications systems such as the number of open emails, the clicks made on the links included in the communications, the type of device used, the operating system used and the list of unsubscribed;
    • To offer a personalised service we elaborate the collected data to analyse your shopping habits and propose services and products in accordance with your interests. These data analysis are related to automated decision systems.

    4.5. Statistics and Data Analysis

    If you access our site, we inform you that your browsing data will be treated also for statistical purposes and analysis, (ex: to understand the way in which users interact with our site and allow us to improve it).

    4.6 Work Requests

    The owner of the treatment can make available a “work with us” menu to evaluate possible open work positions in IVORY S.R.L. and reserves the right to evaluate the various requests received for the selection of personnel.

    The received curricula can be stored and reevaluated for future work places for a maximum of 2 years.

    The candidate can exercise their right of opposition to the processing of their personal data at any time by writing an email to privacy@ivory-dent.com

    If you participate in a selection, remember to express on your curriculum vitae the statement in which you consent to the processing of your personal data or we will not be able to evaluate your request.


    The consent is obligatory exclusively for the data necessary for the execution of your request to IVORY S.R.L. as that without your consent we cannot provide you with the service you require. On the contrary, your consent for promotional and profiling purposes is not mandatory (indicated in point 4.4)


    We provide you with several ways to do it that we describe below

    6.1. Access to your personal data and revocation of consent (opt-out)

    You can, at any time, see the main personal information we have about you in your reserved area; Log in to our site and enter the “my profile” menu.

    You can cancel at any time the consent you have given from this same reserved area.

    6.2. Export and deletion of personal data (right to be forgotten)

    To export your personal data (takeout), to know and / or modify your data or to request the deletion, you can send a request to email privacy@ivory-dent.com from the email with which you have registered on our site. Your data will be exported ina period of time between 30 days and 3 months. The deletion will be made at the technical times foreseen in respect of the period of storage described in point 7 of this privacy policy.

    6.3. Your rights

    Every user that uses our Platform can:

    • Obtain at any time, information about the existence of their data, the origin of the same, the treatment modalities and if they exist, access to them in accordance with article 15 of the GDPR. Keep in mind that registered users can see this information in “my profile” of the Site and exercise the rights as indicated in point 6.1 of this information;
    • Request the correction of the data we have. If you are registered in our site you can access your personal area and update your profile by yourself. Keep in mind that by giving us your data through any channel of the Platform, you guarantee for its accuracy and you agree to notify us of any change. Any loss or damage to the Platform or to third parties due to inaccurate or incomplete information in the registration form will be under the sole responsibility of the user. In general, you only need to provide us with your data, never data from third parties, except when the privacy and cookies policy is foreseen;
    • Request the integration, the deletion, the limitations of the treatment if there is one of the conditions provided by article 18 of the GDPR, the blocking of the treatment by illicit actions, including the data for which storage is not necessary;
    • Oppose, in whole or in part, the processing of personal data for commercial and statistical purposes;
    • All users also have the right to cancel their consent without prejudicing the actions taken before said cancellation;
    • Receive your own personal data in a structured format, in common use and easy to read, in digital format and to transmit the file to another owner of treatment without obstacles;
    • Make a claim to the Italian Authority for the respect and protection of his personal data.

    We remind you that for any request about your personal data you can also write us to the email privacy@ivory-dent.com.

    If we consider it necessary for your identification we have the right to ask for a copy of your identification document.

    We reiterate that you have the right to make a claim to the Italian Competent Authority regarding data protection at any time. (https://www.garanteprivacy.it)


    Purpose Treatment Time
    1. Management of your registration as a user of the Platform
    Your data will be processed until you unsubscribe from it
    1. Fulfilment of the sales or service contract
    Your data will be processed during all the time necessary for the management of the order or for the provision of the requested service including returns, complaints or other related to the purchase of a service / product. Sometimes the data will be processed only until the moment you decide as in the case of payment data when you authorise storage for future purchases.
    1. Customer Assistance
    Your data will be processed the necessary time to comply with your request.
    1. Marketing 
    Your data will be processed until you unsubscribe or delete the subscription to our newsletters. If you participate in a promotional activity such as a raffle, we keep your data for 6 months after the end of the activity.
    1. Analysis of use and quality
    Your data will be treated in a non-continuous manner for eventual satisfaction surveys and / or until your data is set as “anonymous” by you.

    In addition to processing your data in order to close your request, we will store them in a secure and secure way in the event that any problem may arise related to that specific request, according to current regulations. After the period dictated by law, we will cancel your personal data. The storage of data can be in digital format or on paper.

    The invoices, accounting and fiscal documents must be stored and guarded for 11 years in accordance with the law.

    If the user exercises his right to be forgotten, these types of data will not be erased but guarded securely and with limited access exclusively for crime control purposes for a time not longer than 12 months from the user’s request date and will then be erased safely irreversibly.

    We underline that, for the same purpose, the data relating to online traffic, excluding the contents of the communications, will be kept for a time not exceeding 6 years from the date of the user’s request in respect of the article of law N. 167/2017, included in EU Directive 2017/541 on anti-terrorism matters.


    The data are collected respecting the indications of the regulations in force, specifically following the security measures provided by the GDPR (Article 32) for processing through computer, manual and automatic instruments and always for the purposes indicated in the point 4 and guaranteeing the privacy and security of the data itself.

    In respect of the regulations we have activated an anti-spam verification system in all our communications. The encrypted data can be subject to analysis in order to avoid illegal activities or contents not conforming to the general conditions of service and will not be communicated to the user for commercial purposes.


    In order to comply with the obligations described and with those indicated in the cookies policy, we must allow the access of your data to the employees of IVORY S.R.L. and third parties that collaborate with us to be able to offer you our products / services, that is:

    • Financial institutions
    • Companies specialised in the prevention of risks and illicit activities
    • Technology service providers
    • Logistics service providers
    • Service providers related to customer service
    • Marketing and Advertising Service Providers
    • Employees and suppliers of IVORY S.R.L. for the development of administrative activities, computer support etc.
    • Businesses, consultants and, in general, computer experts in charge of management and updating of hardware and software of the Platform, including cloud service providers, and third parties with whom they collaborate.
    • Companies commissioned by IVORY S.R.L. of sending commercial communications via email or regular mail.
    • logistics and / or storage support companies and third parties with whom they collaborate.
    • The Payment Server Provider and / or banks to allow you to make online payments on our Website.
    • Suppliers of software necessary for traceability, management, control, marketing, prevention of misuse of data and third parties with whom they collaborate.
    • Companies and / or individuals that develop installation services for the products and / or services acquired through our Platform and the third parties with which they collaborate.
    • Companies and / or individuals responsible for the repair of products
    • Companies and / or natural persons that manage the authorised points of sale in which the user can choose to collect the order placed and the third parties with which they collaborate.
    • All these subjects, including public authorities who will have access to the data for the procedure of possible administrative and legal acts.
    • Authorised distributors for the sale of the products / services of IVORY S.R.L. For reasons of service efficiency, user data may eventually be communicated to resellers and authorised Ivory third parties. In this case the subjects to whom IVORY S.R.L. communicates the data, not current as external responsible for the treatment, but are solely responsible.

    Your personal data will also be accessible to our authorised employees; this authorisation is granted by IVORY S.R.L. Depending on the effective need of the employee to access said data to be able to exercise their work and / or solve the request made by the user.

    In no case will we ever sell your data to third parties for any purpose. We facilitate, we DO NOT sell your data exclusively to third parties who need access to them in order to comply with our contractual obligations, to respond to your requests and improve the quality of the services that we offer to you.


    We offer services that can take you to give us data from third parties such as giving away a discount we make to a person you known, or to indicate a person interested in the services of the Platform.

    If for any reason you indicate data of third parties, you must inform them about the way in which we treat the data.


    Whenever we consider it necessary, we can modify our privacy policy and cookies. We will send you a communication through one of the channels of the Platform (a banner, a pop-up or a push notification, etc.) or by email if the modification decisively changes your privacy so you can see the updates and act as best you consider. In any case, we invite you to read from time to time this privacy policy always available on our site.

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