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    Hello, Welcome to the Ivory Mechanikkonzept blog.

    In this route we will walk together we will deal with several topics of interest related to oral health, prevention, maintenance of dental handpieces, medical reports, the latest developments in microtechnology, new products and trends in the international market and much more!

    Furthermore, we will also publish many training videos created by us that will help you facilitate your work.

    But as “first things first” 🙂 We would like to introduce you to our company. As you may have seen, we are an International Smart Company. Manufacturers of dental handpieces “Made in Europe” with the added value of being a Community company.

    Why “Made in Europe”?

    Very easy; because all the parts of our dental handpieces are manufactured by our engineers in the European community following the strict manufacturing protocols dictated by Ivory and once produced, they arrive in Italy where they are carefully assembled by our technicians. After assembly, the pieces are subjected to maticulous quality tests to verify that the product is 100% reliable, respect all and every one of the parameters established by the European Community and guarantee maximum benefits and safety for your patient.

    Thanks to this process we are able to offer you high quality dental handpieces, with European certification 93/42 and at a more accessible price.

    In fact we can proudly say that our customer satisfaction ratio is of 99%!

    …And why Community company?

    Because we do not stop thinking about how “success is built together”!

    In fact we have (and continuing) to created several Online Training programs dedicated to different types of professionals, from Dentists, Technicians, to Agents and Managers, we have created documents and videos that deal with different topics that facilitate your daily work  (for example videos that talk about “Marketing for dental clinics” or “how to replace the turbine rotor” or how to improve the leadership “etc.) as well as exclusive services ranging from personalized prices to free advertising investments for the distributors.

    Ivory Mechanikkonzept is a world in constant growth, a new concept of the business world finalized in building the first world dental community in which each follower receives and creates benfits either culturally or economical … We hope you will join us on this trip. 🙂 🙂

    If you want to see the prices and the first videos dedicated to you, please register on our page by clicking here.

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