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    SL415L Ivory Multiplier Contra-Angle 1:5, Optical Fiber

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    SL415L Ivory Multiplier Contra-Angle 1:5, Optical Fiber

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    SL415L Ivory Silk Line Contra-Angle, Multiplier 1:5, Optical Fiber, Intramatic connection and Internal spray

    In stock

    SL415L Ivory Multiplier Contra-Angle 1:5, Optical Fiber

    In stock

    SL415L Ivory Silk Line Low Speed Handpiece Multiplier 1:5, Internal Spray

    Contra-angles Ivory Silk Line … perfection is in the details.

    The SL415L Ivory Silk Line is our 1: 5 multiplier contra-angle with Optical Fiber.

    Perfect for all restorative operations and prosthetic implantation, it has been designed with a smaller head to offer you total freedom of movement. In addition, its monoblock design facilitates a better cleaning, an even quieter operation and a high degree of maneuverability, and the vast field of irradiation allowed by the optical fiber guarantees an incomparable brightness and an operative field without any shadow zone.

    And that is not all! The anti-wear ceramic ball bearings guarantee a longer life cycle and lower than average acoustic emission and its solid structure of the noble metal exterior parts, guarantees for a long time its resistance to autoclaving … of course It is a piece that cannot be missing in your clinic!

    Read all the main features of this product below and discover much more information and videos by logging in with your user and accessing to your dedicated channels.

    Main greatest features

    Ivory Dental Handpieces Optical Fiber

    Optical Fiber

    Autoclave 135

    Autoclavable 135º

    Bur gripping force

    Bur gripping force

    Minimum Size

    Minimum Size

    Absence of Vibrations

    Absence of Vibrations

    Ivory Dent Support System

    QRRMA Support System

    Medical Certificate 0476

    Medical Certificate 0476

    Ivory Dent 2 years warranty

    2 years warranty

    Seat down, relax and watch these videos

    Ivory Silk Line Multipliers Low Speed Handpieces Packaging

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    Ivory Silk Line Red Multiplier Restorative Contra-angle Maintenance

    Play Video
    Removable head NO
    Optical fiber YES
    Intensity of Light Greater than 40,000 Lux
    Transmission 1: 5
    Rotor bearings In Ceramics
    Indications Prosthetic Restoration and Restoration
    Stop mechanism Button
    Type of Spray Internal
    Compatibility Intramatic Universal
    Rotation speed 200.000
    Head Rotation NO
    Diameter of the Head 9.9mm
    Head Height 14.5mm
    Diameter of the Bur 1.59-1.60mm
    Length of the Bur 10-25mm
    Weight 82gr
    Autoclavable YES
    Type of Lubrication Oil

    Instructions manual

    Instructions manual for Ivory Silk Line Red Contra-Angles

    Instructions manual


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