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    SL211L Ivory Straight Handpiece,1:1,Optical Fiber,Internal Spray

    SL211L Ivory Straight Handpiece,1:1,Optical Fiber,Internal Spray

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    IVORY Silk Line Straight Handpiece with Optical Fiber, transmission 1:1, Intramatic connection and Internal Spray

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    SL211L Ivory Straight Handpiece,1:1,Optical Fiber,Internal Spray

    In stock

    SL211L Ivory Silk Line Straight Handpiece,1:1,Optical Fiber,Internal Spray, Intramatic

    Everybody stand up, we present the Ivory Silk Line Straight Handpiece!

    Nothing is easier to describe our Straight Handpiece SL211L.

    Part of the Ivory Silk Line products our SL211L Straight Handpiece is the most appropriate base to personalize your work in a highly professional and safe way. Indescribably light and without any vibration, it allows you to perform any intervention, even the most difficult, without getting tired of your hand.

     In addition, its specifically designed mechanical devices with a very low tolerance threshold transmit the power of the Micromotors without dispersion of it and without noise and the purity of the Fiber Optic, made with glass material, reduces the refractive level to guarantee a wide field of irradiation and an incomparable brightness.

    You can read even more advantages in the Main Features and … do not forget to login in your private area to discover all the information and videos about this product.

    Main greatest features

    Ivory Dental Handpieces Optical Fiber

    Optical Fiber

    Autoclave 135

    Autoclavable 135º

    Absence of Vibrations

    Absence of Vibrations

    Ivory Dent Support System

    QRRMA Support System

    Medical Certificate 0476

    Medical Certificate 0476

    Ivory Dent 2 years warranty

    2 years warranty

    Seat down, relax and watch these videos

    Ivory Silk Line Straight Handpieces

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    Ivory Straight Handpieces

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    Type of Spray Internal
    Optical fiber Yes
    Intensity of light Up to 40.000 Lux
    Connection Intramatic Universal
    Transmission 1:1
    Maximum rotation per minute 40.000rpm
    Drill Diameter 2344/2350 mm
    Drill length 21.95/44.50 mm
    Weight 95 gr
    Autoclavable Yes
    Type of Lubrication Oil

    Instructions manual

    Instructions Manual for Ivory Silk Line Straight Handpieces

    Instructions manual


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