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    P900S Ivory Air-Flow Prophy Polisher with Sirona Connection

    P900S Ivory Air-Flow Prophy Polisher with Sirona Connection

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    P900S Ivory Silk Line Air-Flow Prophy Polisher with Sirona compatible connection

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    P900S Ivory Air-Flow Prophy Polisher with Sirona Connection

    In stock

    P900S Ivory Silk Air-Flow Prophy Gun Sirona connection

    Prophy Guns Ivory Silk Line… dirty teeth have no chance of winning!

    The  P900S Ivory Silk Line is our Air-Flow Gun for Prophylaxis  with  Sirona connection and It is ideal for removing plaque, for treating discoloration and for general cleaning.

    Thanks to the mechanical action of a flow of sodium bicarbonate crystals that is accelerated in a jet of compressed air and water and dissolved to form a high- power spray,  the tip produces a powerful cleaning effect. Furthermore, thanks to the quick connector for the cord of your dental unit, you can perform consecutive prophylactic treatments more rapidly and achieve excellent results on all your patients.

    A special nozzle design generates a jet in the form of an inverted champagne glass. This avoids powder dispersal and ensures continuous rinsing of the oral cavity. The tip can rotate through 360° to permit rapid and effective cleaning even in areas of difficult access. 

    Reduced weight, compact design and an ergonomic narrowing in the body give the handpiece an excellent natural grip and help you to adopt an ergonomically correct posture, avoiding the hand cramps caused by unnatural hand positions

    P900S Ivory Silk Line  Polisher  is definitely a great instrument and very easy to use and  ideal for dentists and dental hygienists alike.

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    Main greatest features

    Ivory Dental Handpieces 360 Degrees

    360 Degrees

    Autoclave 135

    Autoclavable 135º



    Ivory Dent Support System

    QRRMA Support System

    Ivory Dent 2 years warranty

    2 years warranty

    Removable Tip YES
    Powder Included NO
    Indications Prophylaxis
    Rotation Tip 360°
    Operating Pressure 2,8 (40psi)
    Air Consumption 10-13 Nl/min
    Coupling Type SIRONA®
    Water Pressure 0,8-2,5 bar (12-36 psi)
    Spray Water Flow Rate Around 35-80 cm3
    Spray Air Pressure 1,5-2,5 bar (22-36 psi)
    Autoclavable Tip Only

    Instructions manual Ivory Silk Whitening Prophy Handpiece

    Instructions manual for Ivory Silk Air Flow Prophy Polisher

    Instructions manual Ivory Silk Whitening Prophy Handpiece


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