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Exclusive Online Training for dental sector professionals

Every company needs of qualified professionals to compete on the globalised market. Thanks to our online training program especifically developped for Technicians, Managers and Agents of dental sector, you will find the answers to your needs and you will be able to successfully face every situation.

A little taste of our program

Winning leadership strategies

(For managers)

Understanding and acting according to well structured goals and channeled toward your company’s future is fundamental for those people who must play a leadership role in the company .

The transition from Manager to Leader involves getting rid of your old behaviors and of your limiting “Yourself” to enhance your interpersonal skills, have an organizational continuity, greater talent in negotiation and above all a strategic thinking that brings a constant innovation to the company with the involvement and optimization of each of its resources .

These are the main concepts on which is based our Academy Online for Managers. A Training Online that thanks to the collaboration of qualified professionals and experienced mental coachs, will bring you to be a real leader and a person of reference for your partners, your working team and company.

Selling Techniques

(For Agents)

Selling, selling, selling…a constant demand in your working life that is often acted with almost insufficient tactics.

Nowadays it is clear that the transition from traditional selling techniques to new “multi-sensory” selling techniques is necessary. We all are conscious that every sale strategically based only on the product is destined to disappear into an inadequate selling method and a reductive approach with customers. Following our online training program you will improve your selling techniques, you will learn how to percieve your customers’ emotions and psicology, how to take benefits from them and from “seller” you will become a strategist consultant for your customers and company. 

You will also know how to manage negative situations and turn them into business opportunities to be the commercial core of your company and a fundamental resource for your client.

Products and Repairs

(For Technicians)

Maintenance and repairs are often intended as expense that negatively weigh on dental sector companies’ budget. Many times dental companies underestimate the importance of having an efficient, effective and self-managed technical department. Understanding that the optimization of the technical department includes many aspects and that none of them must negatively affect the reliability of the instrumentation, is essential for any dental company that wants to increase its profit. This is why in our training online program for Technicians you will learn how to reduce management time, which programs to use, the complete flow of a repair, you will discover all Ivory products and how to repair them, you will know how to communicate with the client and the effectiveness of the ‘wow effect.

Following our program you will become a Technical Consultant for customers and a proactive worker for the company and the only possible result for you will be the success!

The formula of Ivory’s success

New Technologies, Excellence in Production, Added Value, Partnership and Specialized Training Online; these are the five columns that represent the core or the Ivory’s success and that as smart company, we work on to trasmit them to all our Partners.

We consider that the formula of success in dental sector lies in knowing how to consider the customer as a partner, creating healthy and lasting partnerships based on the exchange of resources and know-how with the aim of generating mutual benefits

This is what we do through our Academy; we transmit to all Managers, Technicians or Agents of dental sector, all the “lessons”, tips and knowledge that years of hard work of investigation, studies of new technologies, Marketing and leadership, have taught us and we feeds on your feedback to continue to evolve.

Our mission is to create a worldwide dental community that is able to generate benefits for each of its members because if today we can talk about “Our Formula of Success” it is because you are part of Ivory.

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